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SLG is a Business and IP law firm with offices in New York City and Tel Aviv.  As a proud member firm of IR Global, one of the world’s largest professional attorney networks, SLG’s reach extends to every major business center around the globe.

SLG prides itself on representing technology leaders in cybersecurity, wearables, agrotech, foodtech, mobile apps, edtech, fintech, medtech, and other cutting edge technologies, as well as investors in such technologies. SLG’s clients also include key players in real estate, music, retail, and media, as well as the restaurant, food, and wine and beer industry.

When it comes to handling an important business deal, protecting corporate rights in litigation, protecting valuable intellectual property, advising on employee and consultant matters, or advising on the complex requirements of U.S. privacy laws and regulations, SLG attorneys are the right choice to assist you.

For more than twenty-five years, SLG attorneys have been looking out for their clients.



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