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Category: SLG Legal Updates

You Can’t Ask That! Navigating New York’s New Ban On Salary History

August 24, 2022 by in Employment

By: Danielle Manahan A common practice when looking at and interviewing prospective employees is to ask for information on their salary history. This information is surely useful in determining the applicant’s level of experience or calculating the salary offer you present to a successful candidate. However, under a recent law […]

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Employee vs. Contractor: The Wrong Determination Can be Costly

June 30, 2022 by in Employment

By: Nikki R. Breeland Many businesses – both startups and mature companies — may be surprised to find that workers they have classified as “independent contractors” or “1099’s” may in fact be defined as employees by courts, tribunals, and government agencies – resulting in significant fines and penalties. Often, employers […]

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