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New York Sexual Harassment Laws Require Immediate Attention

January 7, 2020 by in Employment

New York State has recently enacted a sweeping new set of laws to prevent workplace sexual harassment, which require every employer to adopt a written sexual-harassment prevention policy. The law also imposes significant restrictions on the resolution of sexual harassment claims, makes certain provisions unlawful in settlement and non-disclosure agreements, and bars mandatory arbitration clauses in employment agreements as applicable to sexual harassment claims, among other things.

If you are a New York employer or a foreign company with New York operations, you are required to comply with these laws or risk fines and potential employee litigation.

SLG has an abundance of experience advising New York businesses in employment matters, including hiring, firing, Employee Handbooks, employment policies, advisory boards, director liability, compensation, internal investigations, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. We would be happy to assist your company navigate the new New York laws on sexual harassment.

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